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Advisory Council, Board, New and Young Professionals
Explore Tomorrow's CTCPA
What would the CTCPA of tomorrow
look like to you?
Members of CTCPA Advisory Council,
Board of Directors, and their guests
recently spent a morning answering
tough questions like this and more
during the September Advisory Coun-
cil meeting.
The Advisory Council comprises 25
members representing a cross section
of the membership, with about half
representing a committee or interest
group and the remaining serving as
members-at-large. Advisory Council
and Board of Directors members invit-
ed more than a dozen new and young
professionals from their firms and or-
ganizations to take part in the session.
Armed with flip charts, Post-Its, and
Sharpies, nine groups teamed up to
take a fresh perspective on tried-and-
true membership programs and ex-
plore new paths to tomorrow's CTCPA.
Stay tuned to see some of the excit-
ing new programs resulting from ideas
generated at the workshop!