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Connecticut CPA
November/December 2012
Looking to donate 2-4 hours a month?
Earthplace, the Nature Discovery
Center, is looking for a treasurer.
Any Google+ users? I'm taking
another look at Google+ since it
doesn't seem likely that Google will
be letting this one fade away.
Congrats to California on passing
CPA mobility! CA is the 49th state
to adopt a mobility law.
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membership, and get industry
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CTCPA is Social
The 2012 Bylaws Vote Is Open
Vote Today!
By Kirsten Piechota
Political Focus: Why We Need
to Zoom In on the State
By Michael S. Hill, CPA

Wanted: CPAs Willing to
Share Financial Know-How
Small Businesses `SCORE'
with Help
By Caitlin Q. Bailey O'Neill

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