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Connecticut CPA
November/December 2012
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iPhone, Android, BlackBerry
Manage your grocery list sync with
other family members' smartphones
to make sure your list is up-to-date!
Pandora Radio
iPhone, Android, BlackBerry
Create free personalized radio stations
that only play music you'll love.
iPhone, Android
Take yourself off junk mail lists with
just one photo.
iPhone, Android
Find and reserve movies at your local
Redbox kiosk instantly.
Barcode Scanners
iPhone, Android
Scan the barcode of the product
you're considering purchasing
these apps will search to make sure
you're getting the best price.
BlackBerry version: Sccope
iPhone, Android, BlackBerry
Keep all of your passwords and online
identities safe and secure in one place.
iPhone, Android, BlackBerry
Never miss your favorite team's score!
Shoeboxed Receipt Tracker
iPhone, Android
Turn a pile of receipts into digital
data for effortless expense reporting,
accounting, bookkeeping, and tax
iPhone, Android, BlackBerry
Identify any song playing and
even purchase it!
iPhone, Android, BlackBerry
This travel organizer turns all of your
confirmation emails for flights,
hotels, rental cars, and more into a
digital itinerary you can easily share
with friends and family.
UPS Mobile
iPhone, Android, BlackBerry
Manage your shipments on the go
from creating shipping labels to
tracking your packages.
The Weather Channel
iPhone, Android, BlackBerry
Get the most accurate and relevant
weather forecast and information at
your fingertips.
iPhone, Android, BlackBerry
Read reviews from other consumers
on restaurants, bars, cafes, and more.
Chat With The Techies!
Drop in for free advice from the
technology gurus of the Technology
Committee at an upcoming
Technology Breakfast Roundtable.
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