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Must-Have Apps
Top Picks from the CTCPA Technology Committee
From July through September, the Technology Committee's monthly Tech Breakfasts delved into
smartphone apps that can make your life easier, healthier, safer ... and sometimes, just more fun.
Check out the group's top picks.
Amazon Mobile
iPhone, Android, BlackBerry
Search for product
details and reviews and even make
purchases quickly and easily.
Calorie Counter
iPhone, Android, BlackBerry
Log calorie intake by voice or the
swipe of a barcode.
iPhone, Android
Consolidate your membership and
loyalty cards with one app.
iPhone, Android, BlackBerry
Use your device as a flashlight
in a pinch.
iPhone, Android, BlackBerry
Find the cheapest gas on the go.
iPhone, Android
IMDb (the Internet Movie Database)
will stop arguments over who was in
that movie.
INRIX Traffic
iPhone, Android, Blackberry
INRIX uses data points to plot current
traffic and your best route anywhere;
you can also share your route and
estimated arrival time.
iPhone, Android
Remote into your desktop from
anywhere. (Another popular remote
desktop option is Splashtop.)
BlackBerry version: Remote Desktop
Kindle Reader
iPhone, Android, BlackBerry
Read magazines, books, and more on
your device and thanks to Amazon's
Whispersync technology, you'll never
lose your page regardless of what
device you're on.
iPhone, Android, BlackBerry
Only remember one password! Store
all of your passwords in one secure
location and log into any of your
stored password-protected websites
using one strong, secure password.
Lemon Wallet
iPhone, Android
Make a "digital back-up" of your
wallet, storing cards, receipts,
coupons, and more.
Microsoft OneNote
iPhone, Android
Jot your on-the-go ideas using
Microsoft Office's note-taking app.
BlackBerry version: Evernote
iPhone, Android, BlackBerry
Make and confirm a restaurant
reservation instantly!