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SCORE Division Director
Peter Stack
has been helping small businesses and
entrepreneurs for 16 years, but one
moment and client jumps to mind in-
stantly as a "favorite."
The client was a young man start-
ing a homecare business. He had a
viable business, Stack remembers,
and a good marketing background
but he couldn't understand the finan-
cial reports he was being given by his
After a successful meeting muddling
through the finances, the entrepreneur
thanked his counselors and got up to
"Are you making any money?"
Stack asked.
The young man hesitated. "Do you
have a minute?"
Absolutely, Stack responded.
"I'm not sure," the business owner
Several years and countless sessions
with career counselors at SCORE later,
Stack reported, "business is booming
and it's a solidly profitable business."
What is SCORE?
"Our goal, at a fundamental level, is to
help people start and grow business-
es," said New Haven SCORE Chair-
Pat Sanders, who's currently
president emeritus at Post University
and a professor there.
SCORE, a nationwide nonprofit sup-
ported by the U.S. Small Business
Administration, boasts more than
13,000 volunteers and 364 local chap-
ters (including seven in Connecticut).
The mission? Help aspiring entrepre-
neurs start and grow small businesses.
The tools? Free counseling, work-
shops, and mentoring provided by
experienced professionals willing to
share their experience and knowledge
on everything from bookkeeping and
business plans to marketing and so-
cial media.
"We really hold their hands through-
out the whole process," Sanders said
of her volunteers. "People who start
businesses rarely have the funds for
experts and resources, which we offer
free of charge."
"We have a great group of volunteers
people with years and years of
Chapters of SCORE
Fairfield County SCORE
111 East Ave., Norwalk
Greater Bridgeport SCORE
230 Park Ave., Bridgeport
Greater Hartford SCORE
330 Main St., 2nd. Fl., Hartford
New Haven SCORE
20 Church St., New Haven
Northwest Connecticut SCORE
Northwest Connecticut
Chamber of Commerce
333 Kennedy Dr., Torrington
Southeastern CT SCORE
Old Saybrook Shopping Center
665 Boston Post Rd., Old Saybrook
Western Connecticut SCORE
Danbury City Hall
155 Deer Hill Ave., Danbury
CPAs Willing to
Share Financial
Small Businesses
`SCORE' with Help
By Caitlin Q. Bailey O'Neill, Assistant Editor