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CSCPA Student and New Professional Outreach Specialist Alicia McCain recently
co-facilitated the Academic and Career Development Idea Exchange at the 2011
Interchange Conference, hosted by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) and CPA
Executives Association (CPA/SEA). The conference, held in Manalapan, Florida, is
designed to give AICPA and state CPA society staff the opportunity to network, share
best practices, and learn from industry experts.
McCain co-facilitated the session with Heather Bunning, senior manager of high
school and community college initiatives at the AICPA. Participants shared success-
es and challenges from their student and new professional outreach programs at their
respective associations.
CSCPA's McCain Co-Facilitates Idea Exchange
CSCPA Student and New Professional Outreach Specialist Alicia McCain (left) with AICPA
Senior Manager of High School and Community College Initiatives Heather Bunning.
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