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Kirsten Piechota, Managing Editor
In a world of change,
CSCPA is evolving with you.
It seems these days the world is spinning faster and faster. At
the last few membership meetings I've attended (I'm the desig-
nated AV/registration staffer out at the Torrington CONNection),
I've been struck by the dizzying amount of technical information
and regulation CPAs need to manage on a daily basis.
We at CSCPA have made it our mission to be the one-stop shop
for must-know information and guidance you need throughout
your career, from Pledges looking for that first job to would-be
retirees making the first steps in firm succession.
Your Firm's Future Starts Today
This issue's cover is about succession planning, and inside you'll find surprising statistics from a
recent succession planning survey of CSCPA members, a guide to one simple step every firm owner
should take today to be more prepared for the unexpected (we call it The Emergency Red Notebook),
two CSCPA members sharing their recent merger success story, and a tutorial of, a brand-new website CSCPA has developed to help you if your path
might someday lead to a firm sale/merger or acquisition. We've also developed an upcoming sympo-
sium to help firm owners get the knowledge they need about the mergers and acquisitions process.
Much More That's New
2011 also marks the start of the brand-new Employee Benefit Plans Conference, scheduled for
Thursday, December 1 at the CSCPA Education Center in Rocky Hill. Our Employee Benefit Plans
Interest Group has long been an active and dynamic group, meeting up for technical updates and
networking socials, and writing bimonthly articles for Connecticut CPA. The group recently identified
a need for local, in-depth training for benefit plan administrators, auditors, and other CPAs who
advise companies in this area, and the new conference was born. Turn to page 23 to see what
keynote speaker Ian Dingwall, chief accountant at the Department of Labor Employee Benefits
Security Administration, and others will have to say.
We've also revamped and expanded our popular Tax360 The State and Federal Tax Forum. In
these times of economic stress and joblessness, tax reform has become an even more pressing
issue. CSCPA is working to bring D.C. knowledge to you, so practitioners can hear right from the
people in the trenches. This year's guest speakers include tax reform expert Diane Lim Rogers,
chief economist at The Concord Coalition, and Dean Zerbe, former tax counsel to the Senate
Finance Committee. We'll also hear from Connecticut DRS Commissioner Kevin Sullivan.
We're always adding new programs and events! Go to to find and register
for even more member programs relevant to you.
See you next issue,