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First, Rothauser, Manager of Security
Services at The Technology Group,
opened a program that showed what
activity was going on across the
CSCPA wirelesss network at that very
moment, as a few individuals checked
their email on iPads and Blackberrys.
Then, he checked his own email, open-
ing up an email with a password-pro-
tected QuickBooks file. Using software
he'd downloaded after a simple Google
search, he hacked the password and
opened the file and the client's confi-
dential financial information within
three seconds. The moral of the story?
All CPAs must be incredibly diligent to
protect themselves, their reputations,
and their clients.
"The hacking demonstration was
incredibly insightful as to how quickly
everyone accessing the wireless net-
work in the room could be compro-
mised," Christine Fitzsimmons com-
mented after the presentation.
Torello, Chief Executive Officer of The
Technology Group, went on to share
some hacking "horror stories."
The new Tech Tuesday series, compli-
mentary to members in good standing,
launched this fall with a roster of five
sessions covering portals, hot tech-
nologies for CPAs, privacy policies,
HIPAA standards, and more.
The sessions serve as easy-to-under-
stand snapshots of complicated
issues, designed to empower CSCPA
members to take action to both protect
themselves and improve productivity
using technology.
The first session, sponsored by The
Technology Group, LLC, was "excel-
lent," Norm Holland said, marking the
next Tech Tuesday on his calendar.
"I had a peripheral view of [what was
discussed], but this cleared up a lot of
the fuzziness and brought things into
focus," Holland continued. "[Torello and
Rothauser] did a wonderful job distilling
the information."
For more information on upcoming Tech
Tuesday meetings and to sign up for
email reminders of upcoming sessions,
Get Hooked Up with `Tech Tuesdays'
By Caitlin Q. Bailey O'Neill, Assistant Editor
ore than 50 CPAs watched, enraptured, as CSCPA Technology Committee chair
Mark Torello
and Greg Rothauser, both of The Technology Group, LLC, hacked
into the CSCPA wireless network at the inaugural Tech Tuesday on September 27.
Members get individualized advice from technology experts Mark Torello (second from left) and
Greg Rothauser (second from right) at the inaugural Tech Tuesday program at the CSCPA
Education Center.
Mark Torello tells some hacking "horror stories."
Greg Rothauser discusses hardware and
software security options.
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