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Step 1: Search.
Anyone can search!
On the homepage, select whether you're
looking to sell/merge or buy, and the county in which you'd like to do so.
Helpful Hint:
If your search doesn't turn up the results you want, leave
the county field on "Select a County." This will give you the most results.
You'll be able to see limited information about the users of the site...
But trust us, you're going to want to dive deeper.
Subscribing gives you three key benefits:
See more information, including firm size, revenue, special-
ties, and much more to determine if a user is a potential
Communicate (confidentially and anonymously, of course)
with other subscribers to get the ball rolling on a deal that
could change your firm and your future.
Create a profile for your firm so that interested parties
can learn more about you and contact you to start a new
When you subscribe, you'll be asked for your name, email,
company, and phone number. A CSCPA staff member will
contact you within two business days to secure payment
(for either a six-month or one-year subscription).
Create Your Profile
Once you've subscribed and an account has been creat-
ed, you'll receive an email with a link to log in. Click that
link and create your profile!
While some fields are required, you can share as much or
as little information as you want.
Edit your profile at any time! If you're not getting the
results you want, try changing your message or telling
people a little more about your firm.
Helpful Hint:
You control what people see your informa-
tion by clicking on these icons! You decide what's visible
to all, visible to no one, and visible to people you've
added as contacts.
Step 2: Subscribe.
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