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12 Quickstart Guide
CSCPA's new succession planning website helps firm owners explore
buy/sell/merge opportunities in a low-pressure environment.
C is a brand-new website
CSCPA has developed to help firm owners whose path
might someday lead to a firm sale or acquisition. It's
designed to be a low-pressure environment where subscribers
can connect to explore merger or acquisition potential.
It's entirely up to you how you use this website. Whether
you're looking to sell, merge, or buy a practice immediately or
are just curious, even though your retirement is years away,
you just may find someone who could be a perfect match.
You can contact other sub-
scribers through the site while keeping your name and
your firm's name anonymous. When and if the right time
comes, you can swap contact information and take the con-
versation to the next level. avoids a middle man and allows
you to shape your firm's future in a no-pressure, move-at-
your-own-speed, confidential environment.
Take a look at the tutorial below and check out the site at to see if this exciting new
site might be right for you!
Start Connecting the Dots
Finding your perfect match on is as easy as 1, 2, 3!
Search for others looking to sell, merge, or buy.
Subscribe to view full user profiles and connect.
Send anonymous, confidential messages to users to determine if you've found a match.
Are you nearing retirement age? Looking to grow your practice? Don't know where to start?
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