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Baby boomers
make up
of Connecticut's
adult population.
1 in 3
becomes a CPA.
members are
aged 50
and older.
While "brain drain"
from baby boomer
retirements is an
issue across the
country, Connecticut
is one of the top 10
impacted states.
Many new
professionals who
choose to work
outside of traditional
tax and auditing
roles are not
getting certified.
More than half of
today's CTCPA
members will reach
retirement age in the
next 15 years.
By the
There is an oncoming CPA silver
tsunami of retiring baby boomers
(75 percent of CPAs are expected to
retire in the next 15 years). Further
complicating the issue is the fact that,
although there have never been more
students studying accounting, many
of those students are not sitting for or
passing the CPA Exam.
This perfect storm is forecasting a
major CPA shortage in the near future.
The pressure is on to attract and
retain professionals to the accounting
field and the CTCPA. We are actively
engaged in addressing this vital issue,
ensuring we fill the talent pipeline for
years to come.
This issue of Connecticut CPA features
an article on how the retirement wave
will create challenges and opportunities
for everyone in the accounting world,
(page 16) and tips on creating a flexible
workplace to help attract and retain
top talent (page 8).
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The Nationwide CPA Shortage:
A Perfect Storm
The CPA Silver Tsunami
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Connecticut CPA
May/June 2017