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The CPA Silver Tsunami is a term you'll be hearing frequently from the CTCPA
in the coming months and years. There is a perfect storm brewing in the CPA
Baby boomers are reaching retirement age at a rate of 10,000 people per day,
according to the Social Security Administration. There simply aren't enough
new professionals becoming CPAs to offset this wave of retirees. In fact, while
a record number of students have enrolled in college accounting programs in
the past several years (more than 250,000, according to the AICPA's most re-
cent survey), the percentage of accounting graduates sitting for the CPA Exam
has actually decreased. Only 1 in 3 is going on to sit for the Exam and become
certified (see more statistics on page 7 of this issue).
The CTCPA is tackling this issue from many sides from student recruitment at
the high school and college level to helping firms and companies create a "CPA
culture" to help support and encourage future CPAs.
We're also focused on bringing you a series of "workplace of the future" articles
with concrete facts, research, and advice from experts on recruitment, reten-
tion, succession planning, and more to help keep the pipeline full.
This series kicks off with a piece from workplace flexibility specialist Cassidy
Solis of the Society for Human Resource Management, who brings you tips on
how to retain the employees you have by making them happier, healthier, and
more productive through the use of a flex work environment.
I know many of our members have workplaces that offer a multitude of flex-
ible arrangements. In fact, I'm typing this message in the waiting room at my
daughter's gymnastics studio on a Saturday afternoon as part of my own flex-
ible arrangement.
In her article, Cassidy says workflex isn't a perk it's a business strategy to help
maintain productivity in a way that works best for employees and employers.
Read her advice and find links to resources starting on page 8.
On page 16 you'll hear from past CTCPA Board Member Carl Johnson, who
offers up advice from his many years of successful firm management in an
article on dealing with the challenges and opportunities caused by the baby
boomer retirement wave, no matter where you are in your career.
If you have an idea for an article that would be helpful to the membership as we
head toward the workplace of the future, or if you have advice to share, please
reach out to me at or 860-258-0231.
See you next issue,
May/June 2017
Vol. 58, Issue 3
Kirsten Piechota, Managing Editor
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The CPA Silver Tsunami