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Connecticut CPA
May/June 2017
The coming years will offer exciting
and challenging times as today's
employees look for ways to advance
their careers within their firms.
As experienced baby boomers
continue to retire or wind down their
workloads, there will be "big league"
leadership opportunities throughout
most firms. There will be voids to be
filled in management areas, technical
areas, niche specialties, recruitment
and retention, business development,
mentoring, you name it.
Firm Employees Don't Be Afraid
to Step Up Your Leadership
If you are in a position in your career to
take on new leadership opportunities
within your firm, you should do it! Have
the courage to raise your hand and
make a difference for your coworkers,
your clients, your firm, and yourself.
There is only one way to truly learn
the rewards, the professional and
personal growth, the challenges, and
the satisfaction of leading a team to
a stretch goal and that is to step up
and lead!
So, take the initiative to lead a project
streamline the efficiency of your audits,
improve the way your firm recruits or
goes after new business, expand
client service, or lead a department, an
office, an industry group, or a special
service. Just lead something. You are
ready, and you will be helping yourself
and your firm at the same time.
Firm Owners Groom and Retain
Future Owners
The challenge for firm owners is that
you need to focus on showing your
future leaders the career path that is
available to them. Offer them training
programs and talk to them about the
personal and financial rewards that
can be attained through taking on new
leadership roles.
Even excellent employees can feel that
they are not ready to lead, so it is up to
the present-day leaders to encourage
these future leaders to step up to the
plate and take on the challenge. Help
them understand that leadership is
a responsibility and an obligation to
help others.
Developing more women leaders in the
future will be critical for the accounting
profession. In fact, there are more
female accounting majors than male
in many college programs. However,
as the baby boomers (mostly men)
retire, companies and firms need to
do a better job of retaining talented
women. Firm leaders and employees
need to work together to change and
adapt firm culture in ways that will
encourage women to stay with the firm
and move through the leadership ranks
to partnership.
Current firm leaders and owners who
truly look for ways to build the next
generation of firm leaders will create
new succession planning options with
the potential to transition the firm to up-
and-coming employees as opposed to
merging into a larger firm.
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Have the courage to raise your hand and make a difference for your
coworkers, your clients, your firm, and yourself.
Opportunities and Challenges for Present Firm Employees