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Flexible hours has allowed me to maintain
consistent coverage during work hours even
when an employee is not able to come to
work either due to family issues or other
circumstances. This also has allowed us to keep a
healthier workplace because staff that feel `under
the weather' do not feel obligated to come
into the office to make others sick. They can
work through a mild illness at home and still be
productive without risking others' health.
Manager, BlumShapiro, West Hartford
Tips from the Trenches
The following quotes are from managers at financial services organizations that have participated
in the When Work Works award process. They represent a small selection of the many ways in
which organizations are using workflex to improve business and employee outcomes.
My general rule: Set expectations early. Guide work
productivity based on output and outcomes, and leave
management of input (time spent) and process (how to
produce) to my team.
Manager, HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union, Honolulu, HI
During the busy season we are required to work at
least 55 hours a week. My team and I decided to work
11 hours each day in order to have weekends off.
Manager, BDO USA, Miami, FL
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