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take time away from work, including
scheduled absences (such as
vacations and time for training), as
well as formal policies for taking sick
days and planned sabbaticals. It also
includes informal access to time off
for unanticipated or unplanned events.
Time off discussions also consider
how the organization will continue
operating while an employee is off.
Flex careers refers to flexibility over
the course of an employee's career or
working life, including provisions that
enable employees to enter, exit, and
re-enter the workforce and to increase
and decrease their workload or pace.
Task flexibility includes efforts to
create reasonable work demands by
adjusting job descriptions to leverage
employee strengths, distribute job
tasks more equitably, and focus
employee efforts and evaluations on
high-value activities.
Culture of flexibility reflects whether
supervisors are knowledgeable about
flexible practices and promote and
communicate them effectively.
Retention is key:
It's estimated that replacing someone who left
voluntarily costs 150 percent of that person's salary.
Work/Life Fit
When Work Works is a national ini-
tiative led by Society for Human
Resource Management (SHRM) to
help businesses of all sizes and types
become more successful by reinvent-
ing their workplaces.
The initiative administers the annu-
al When Work Works Award, which
recognizes exemplary employers for
creating effective and flexible work-
places to increase business and em-
ployee success.
Find downloadable resources at
The National Study of Employers
is a free report that provides more
than a decade of information about
the policies employers throughout
the U.S. use to support and develop
The Workflex Guide Series is a
collection of free, downloadable
guides to providing workplace flex-
ibility in a range of settings such
as manufacturing, retail, hospitality,
healthcare, and small businesses.
Portions in this article are excerpt-
ed from the Workflex and Manag-
ers Guide: Starting the Conversation
about Workflex for You and Your Team
The Workflex Assessment is a free
online questionnaire that will let you
know how your organization's em-
ployee policies compare to the nation
and your industry. It takes about 15
minutes to do and you get your score
immediately upon completion.
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