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Connecticut CPA
May/June 2016
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CAS fields requests for help through its web-
site or via phone or email "almost daily," said
McMillan. Requests can range from non-
profits seeking volunteer board members
and bookkeeping software training to simple
questions from small businesses just open-
ing their doors.
McMillan then plays matchmaker, diving into
her volunteer lists to find a CPA with a par-
ticular niche, location, or passion to meet the
needs of the person requesting help.
"You can do as much or as little as you
want," she said. "You can answer questions
via phone or email, sit on a board for a not-
for-profit that's close to your heart or you
can even join the CAS Board of Directors!"
CPAs can know they're putting their skills to
good use.
"As a professional, we have input on many
important areas or our clients' business and
personal lives," said Merrick. "CAS is so re-
warding because it provides a venue to use
those skills for folks less fortunate. I would
challenge everyone reading this article who
hasn't volunteered for CAS to give it a try
if only for the personal satisfaction it brings
paying it forward."
Personal satisfaction is guaranteed but
sometimes volunteering with CAS brings an-
other added bonus.
"A lot of times, these referrals can turn into
clients!" said McMillan. "You help a start-
up business, eventually that small business
starts making money, and you may have a
new client."
To volunteer, contact
CAS Executive Director
Sheryle McMillan at
or 860-258-0218.