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Connecticut CPA
May/June 2016
The same thing we tell our clients: sit
down and work up your strategy to
improve in all areas of your business,
every month, every year. You'll be in a
better position to either move forward
on your own, or to be more attractive
to whomever's knocking on your door.
And we have never merged with any-
one whose culture doesn't fit with ours.
When I think about our culture, we
first and foremost want to do it right.
We don't want to lose money on a job
or spend more time on a job than we
have to, but if we have to, we do, and
that's what we're looking for in people
we might be doing business with.
As the firm grows, does a bigger
firm mean new challenges, or is it
just "same day, bigger house"?
The challenges are the same but the
size of the firm and the geographical
dispersion are different.
The biggest issue as you grow is com-
munication. Years ago, you could
spend an afternoon walking the hall-
ways and move the ball forward pretty
well, but you don't have that same op-
portunity with six offices. You send out
an email when something big is hap-
pening, but then before you even get
to sit down with someone and tell them
why it's a good thing ... communica-
tion is happening.
During my term, the merger integration
was fairly easy ... now it's much more
deliberate and intensive.
Carl, what are your plans now that
you've stepped down?
I'm actually leaving the firm July 1.
I love Blum, but it's been 32 years and
I've decided I'm gonna make a change
every 32 years. [laughter]
I'm going be consulting with Steve
Weinstein on succession planning and
mergers and acquisitions with CPA
firms throughout New England, which
is sort of my passion at this point. The
timing is good, as this arena is only go-
ing to grow faster given the sheer de-
mographics of baby boomers continu-
ing to retire.
It's bittersweet leaving Blum. It's like
leaving my family, but I feel it's impor-
tant for me to go out and try some-
thing different ... but I'll probably still
be Blum's #1 fan.
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