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Connecticut CPA
May/June 2014
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Individual CPE Credit Report Audits
Slated to Expanded
Congratulations to 2013 Top CPA Exam
Performers with Connecticut Ties!
Congratulations to Charles Salvatore
Costanzo II and Cody S. Domasky, two
local winners of the 2013 Elijah Watt Sells
Award. The award is bestowed upon can-
didates who have obtained a cumulative
average score above 95.50 across all
four sections of the Uniform CPA Exam,
completed testing during the 2013 calendar year, and passed
all four sections of the Exam on their first attempt. More than
94,154 individuals sat for the Exam in 2013, with 55 candidates
meeting the criteria to receive the Elijah Watt Sells Award.
Costanzo is a graduate of California State University,
Fullerton with an M.S. in accounting and is employed with
Ernst & Young in Stamford. Domasky is a graduate of Penn-
sylvania State University with a B.S. in accounting and an
M.S. in accounting and is employed with the Governmental
Accounting Standards Board in Norwalk.
The number of CPE credit report au-
dits performed by the SBoA is slated
to be expanded to 360 individuals
in the coming year. CPAs undergo-
ing an audit of their CPE report will
be asked to provide certificates of
completion and/or verification of all
courses submitted as part of their annual renewal.
Individuals must retain documentation for at least three
years from the date the program was completed as set
forth in the CPE regulations, Regulations of Connecti-
cut State Agencies, 20-280-27.
Learn more at under "State Board of
Accountancy" and then "CPE Questions and Answers."