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Happy Birthday, Computerized CPA Exam!
It's been 10 years since the AICPA and the National
Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA)
launched the computerized CPA Exam in 2004.
I remember going out to take photos of the last paper-
and-pencil Exam offered in Connecticut in November
of 2003. Back then, the Exam was only offered twice
per year (in May and November), and aspiring CPAs
filed into row after row of folding tables and chairs
where they anxiously awaited the proctor's go-ahead
to open their booklets and begin.
I have to admit that when I find myself at a table full of CTCPA members, one
of my favorite pastimes is to try to get them to "one-up" each other with their
paper-and-pencil Exam tales. My favorite so far is the CPA who wore his winter
coat and gloves while sitting for the Exam in November in a drafty barn usually
reserved for farm animals at the "Big E." (I'm told that although the animals
themselves weren't present, their aroma lingered.)
Under the computerized Exam model, administered by Prometric, candidates
can take the Exam 243 days a year at nearly 300 testing locations. It now
includes what are referred to as "task-based simulations," where candidates
are asked to use spreadsheets and research provided literature to simulate
real-world CPA work. While today's CPA Exam is as challenging as ever, the
leading-edge computerized Exam offers faster test results (45 days instead of
the paper-and-pencil Exam's 90 days) and ergonomic chairs in a climate-con-
trolled testing center.
I, for one, will kind of miss stories about testing in warehouses and armories.
Do you have a great story from the paper-and-pencil CPA Exam days?
Share it with me at!
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May/June 2014
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The final paper-and-pencil CPA Exam offered in Connecticut in November of 2003.