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Many Ways to Help the ETF
Make your tax-deductible contribution right
on your CTCPA dues statement. Firms and
companies may also make tax-deductible
contributions. (Please remember to take
advantage of any matching gift programs
your employer may offer.)
You can donate to the ETF right on the
CTCPA website. You can also view photos
of scholarship recipients at awards
ceremonies, learn more about the ETF,
and find details about the scholarships
available and how to apply.
Donate on your
dues statement
Donate online at
ETF scholarships help ease the financial burden that higher education can
impose and make the journey just a little bit easier. Here's how you can help:
Hold a "Jeans for ETF"
fundraiser at your firm
Participating is as easy as 1, 2, 3!
Choose how often you'd like to participate.
You can choose a single day, a repeating day of the week, monthly, etc.
Select a donation amount and a person to collect the money.
The CTCPA staff decided to go with $5 per person, which adds up quickly, even in a small office.
Have one person collect the money and mail a check payable to the Educational Trust Fund to
716 Brook Street, Suite 100, Rocky Hill, CT 06067.
Snap a photo and send it our way!
Email your shot to Communications Manager Kirsten Piechota at
We'll publish your photo on the pages of Connecticut CPA and also post it on our website
and social media channels.
Quinnipiac University Accounting Society
Accounting Society Grant Award 2013
The Educational Trust
Fund has generously
donated to our account-
ing society to enable us to
hold more presentations
and events with speakers
so our students can learn
from their experiences.
Erica Celso (second from right),
Accounting Society Secretary
Alicia Mala
Junior Award (2012)
The CTCPA has been a
major support throughout my
education ... I am pleased to
have the professional support
from the CTCPA, as well as
the financial support. I am
happy to be involved and I plan
on continuing to be involved
throughout my career.