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Easier to Use for Future Reference
You can store electronic materials on
your PC or office server and easily use
them for future reference through key-
word searches. Trying to find that tax
law change or Excel tip covered in a
seminar you took a few months ago?
With electronic materials, you simply
type the keywords in the Windows
desktop search tool and find the ex-
act information you need in seconds.
Compare that to digging through the
stacks of CPE materials located in the
corner of your office.
Easier to Share with Coworkers
Our materials contain techniques and
procedures that people will find useful
and we encourage you to spread the
word among colleagues back at the of-
fice. With paper manuals, sharing con-
tent with others meant either loaning
someone your CPE manual or copying
the relevant pages. With electronic
materials, you can go back to the of-
fice and "extract" relevant content so
that it can easily be shared with others
in the office who might benefit.
Easier to Take Notes
The free Adobe Acrobat Reader X (10)
now has enhanced commenting tools,
including Sticky Notes and High-
lighter tools. Participants can use a
laptop, an iPad or similar device, or
even a smartphone to insert com-
ments, highlight passages of interest,
or take notes. [Editor's Note: Learn
more about taking notes on PDF files
Easier to Store
Instead of taking up shelf or floor space
like paper manuals do, electronic man-
uals can be stored on a local drive or
a file server. This makes them easier
to find and allows participants to keep
materials for longer periods.
More Up-to-Date Materials
When last-minute updating is needed
(for example, due to a last-minute tax
law change), the authors can easily
provide participants with updated ma-
terials, in some cases even as late as
the day of the course.
Manuals Can Still Be Printed
You can always print electronic mate-
rials before or after the course should
you decide you'd like to.
Why Electronic CPE Course Materials?
By William C. Fleenor, CPA, Ph.D., K2 Enterprises
Many state CPA organizations, including CTCPA, have
begun to offer electronic materials for CPE courses.
Although cost savings and environmental benefit are factors
in using electronic materials, they are not the only considerations.
Electronic materials are more efficient and effective than paper
materials once participants fully understand how to use them.
Opt for eMaterials
Through CTCPA
Look for the eMaterials symbol in our
course catalog to find classes offering
eMaterials. If you opt for eMaterials,
you'll be able to take advantage of
all the benefits listed on this page,
and you'll also get a $10 discount on
your course fee!
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