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Creative rationale
The new logo, designed by New
Haven's Think Creative Group, offers
a modern, abstract feel to the con-
cept of progress and moving forward.
It focuses on the idea of the strength
in numbers literally and figuratively.
The "pluses" (the "+" symbols) act as a
literal representation for CPAs, and the
grouping of pluses displays the con-
cept of networking and community.
Blue symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom,
confidence, intelligence, and truth.
Dark blue is specifically associated
with depth, expertise, and stability
and is a preferred color for corporate
America. When used together with
warm colors like orange, blue can cre-
ate high-impact, vibrant designs. This
is why we selected blue as the founda-
tion for the brand.
Orange combines the energy of red
and the happiness of yellow. It repre-
sents enthusiasm, happiness, creativ-
ity, determination, success, encour-
agement, and stimulation. Orange has
very high visibility and is an excellent
selection to help catch attention and
highlight the most important elements
of our design.
We selected orange for the majority of
the pluses to show growth and vibran-
cy. We also made the acronym "CPA"
orange to shine the spotlight on our
core essence.
White is considered to be the color
of perfection. It is associated with
light, goodness, innocence, and purity
and conveys safety. Culminating the
pluses to a white "plus" further dem-
onstrates the idea of all our collective
efforts leading to a greater result.
We wanted to blend the idea of stabil-
ity with a modern, fresh feel. We se-
lected a strong, clean sans serif type
for the logo while supporting it with a
more classic serif font for the tagline.
Above all ...
Above all, four years into our organiza-
tion's second century, our enhanced
branding continues the tradition of
conveying the stature, professional-
ism, and permanence of the Connect-
icut Society of Certified Public Ac-
countants. These changes all reflect
our effort to provide you with the best
quality professional membership as-
sociation product and service in the
most cost-effective manner possible.
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