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Connecticut CPA
May/June 2012
The magazine you hold in your hands
now appears in stunning full color at
the same cost of our previous two-
color process, with only a slight reduc-
tion in the number of pages. This is
also the result of an effort to produce
"shorter articles that say more ..."
Go online and you'll see that we have
"reskinned" our website and our new
logo and colors throughout provide
both a fresh and contemporary look.
You'll also notice that our new logo
supplants the letters "CS" in "CSCPA"
with "CT" in "CTCPA" and, accord-
ingly, our new URL (website address)
What's in a (brand) name?
The American Marketing Association
(AMA) defines "brand" as a "name,
term, sign, symbol, or design, or a
combination of them intended to iden-
tify the goods and services of one sell-
er or group of sellers and to differenti-
ate them from those of other sellers."
To us, it means that ... and much more.
We want our brand, our logo, our visual
elements and presence, and our stra-
tegic mission's theme of "advocacy,
community, and education" in short,
all symbols of our reputation to reso-
nate with you each time you see our
new logo and colors.
Have we changed our name?
Our new logo uses the letters "CTCPA."
That's because many of our external
publics state and federal legisla-
tors, the media, other professionals,
regulatory agencies, even the general
public actually refer to us as "(the)
Connecticut CPAs."
Our belief is that "CT" makes more
sense today than "CS" as it readily
identifies us in a more relevant manner
to more people. We also consider it
more "inclusive," as frequently we rep-
resent the Society to external publics
as "the voice of Connecticut's orga-
nized professional accounting com-
munity," and on those occasions, we
certainly want speak as "the Connecti-
cut CPAs."
The term "Connecticut Society of
Certified Public Accountants" will re-
main our official name, but we will use
the terms "Connecticut CPAs" and
"CTCPA" as our primary identifiers.
We Have a "Brand"-New Look!
By Mark Zampino, CTCPA Public Affairs Director
We're excited to finally unveil our "brand"-new logo! The logo
change, our first in 28 years, caps our one-year-plus of planning
and refining to refresh and enhance the CTCPA brand. And we
are showing off other "brand"-new changes in our branding ...