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A lot has changed since I started working on the
Society's membership publication 11 years ago.
Back then, the CSCPA Newsletter was a two-color
publication with limited room for photos.
A few years later, then-Editor Mark Zampino and
I made the switch to Connecticut CPA, a mag-
azine format that was a well-received change
allowing us space for longer-form articles and
more photos of members in action.
The issue of Connecticut CPA you're holding has
a new look and feel, the product of a Society-wide rebranding effort (read more
about that in the article starting on the next page.). I'm thrilled to say that we're
now in full color throughout! We've managed to stay within the same budget
through a healthy advertising stream and a modest reduction in the page count.
As Mark, now publisher, has put it, our goal is to "say more with fewer words."
One thing that hasn't changed is our commitment to make this
publication. Assistant Editor Caitlin "Grammar Girl" Bailey O'Neill and I are
always on the lookout for your contributions to Firm Moves and Promotions
(page 35), Member News (page 36), and Member Snapshots (page 38). Or why
not fill out the Member Spotlight (page 13) questionnaire?
I have had so much fun designing this first color issue, and I look forward to all
of the great full-color photos we'll be able to publish from upcoming member-
ship programs like The Essential Event: The CTCPA Annual Meeting (see the
back cover for more), the New and Young Professionals events (page 32), and
the new It's Just LIFE program for women (page 29).
Join in some of the fun (and learning!) and you might just see yourself on
our pages.
See you next issue,
A publication of the Connecticut Society
of Certified Public Accountants
A publication of the Connecticut
Society of Certified Public Accountants
CTCPA Board of Directors
Gregory A. Lainas
Noelle A. Taddei
Brian J. Kelleher
Mark A. Andrews
Jevon Knowles
Vanessa E. Rossitto
Michael L. Kraten
CTCPA Advisory Council Chair
Connecticut CPA Staff
Arthur J. Renner
Executive Director
Kirsten F. Piechota
Managing Editor/
Graphic Designer
Caitlin Q. Bailey O'Neill
Assistant Editor
Mark Zampino
Julie E. McNeal
May/June 2012
Editor's Note
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Kirsten Piechota, Managing Editor