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May 2012
15 Governmental Accounting and
Auditing Conference
16 New Tax-Wise Planning Strategies for
Closely Held Businesses
16 Loscalzo's Not-for-Profit Industry Update and
Major Accounting and Disclosure Issues
17 Loscalzo's Frequently Missed Issues for
OMB Circular A-133 Audits
17 Audits of 401(k) Plans
17 Tax-Wise Practice Quality Control: Avoid Tax
Compliance Nightmares and Malpractice
18 Audits of 403(b) Plans: A Challenging New
Audit Area
18 Single-Member LLC (Schedules C and E)
Strategies Update and Form 1065 LLC/LLP
Compliance Review
21 The Best Income Tax, Estate Tax, and Financial
Planning Ideas of 2012
22 Choosing the Best Entity Structure Under
the Tax Law in 2012
22 Loscalzo's GAAP Refresher
23 Technology Conference (Day 1)
23 Loscalzo's Accounting and Auditing Update
(Afternoon Session)
23 Effectively and Efficiently Reviewing Audit Workpapers:
The Line of Defense Against Deficient Audits
23 Loscalzo's Professional Ethics for Connecticut CPAs
(Morning Session)
24 IFRS for Smaller Entities vs. U.S. GAAP:
A Study in How the Financial Statements
Look and Feel Different
24 Audits of HUD-Assisted Projects
24 Making the Best of Bad Situations
24 Technology Conference (Day 2)
25 Integrated Estate, Financial, and Asset Protection
Planning: A Breakthrough Approach
25 Compilation and Review Guide and Update
(Morning Session)
25 Preparing OCBOA Financial Statements: Cash,
Modified Cash, and Tax Basis
(Afternoon Session)
25 Studies on Single Audit and Yellow Book
29 Advanced Update for Compilation, Review, and
Accounting Services
29 Real Estate Accounting and Auditing
29 The Best Federal Tax Update Course by
Surgent McCoy
30 Loscalzo's Analyzing Financial Statements,
Including Techniques for Cash Flow Analysis
30 Surgent McCoy's 2012 Top 10 Tax Topics
30 Construction Contractors' Advanced Issues
31 Advanced Partnership/LLC Workshop: How to Do
Optional Step-Up in Basis Under Section 754 and
Related Provisions
Loscalzo's Compilation and
Review Essentials: Rules for
Local Practitioners
Date: June 18, 2012
Location: Rocky Hill
This program addresses the changes and current perfor-
mance requirements in the compilation and review literature
so that practitioners will be able to perform these services
in compliance with the current standards.
Instructor: Gregory M. Clark, CPA, CISA, CFE
$285 Member
$250 Member
$385 Nonmember
$350 Nonmember
*Early Bird fee good through 6/3/2012.
Annual Update for Accountants
and Auditors
Date:June 13, 2012
Location:Rocky Hill
CPECreditHours: 8
This comprehensive course covers all the relevant pro-
nouncements, exposure drafts, and consensus reports re-
cently issued in the accounting, auditing, compilation, and
review arenas. Learn how to assess the effect of current
auditing standards and standards on accounting and review
services from coverage of the latest issues at the AICPA,
Instructor:Leah Donti, CMA, MBA
$285 Member
$250 Member
$385 Nonmember
$350 Nonmember
*Early Bird fee good through 5/29/2012.
AICPA members take $30 off the price.
Gary Zeune's Guide to 25 Fraud
Cases Against CPA Firms in
Compilations, Reviews, and Audits
Date:June 20, 2012
CPECreditHours: 8
Recognize why, when, and how financial statement engage-
ments put you at risk with 25 cases for private companies,
nonprofits, and government entities.
Instructor:Gary D. Zeune, CPA
$285 Member
$250 Member
$385 Nonmember
$350 Nonmember
*Early Bird fee good through 6/5/2012.
= New course
= eMaterials available
= Recommended for CFP credit
= Recommended for Yellow Book credit