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Connecticut CPA
May/June 2012
Concluding Comments
The key to the success of an upstream
merger succession plan is thorough
planning. The primary focus should be
on finding a firm that matches well on
a culture and operations level. I am a
staunch believer in trying to make a
deal that works well for both parties. In
that regard, the upstream merger op-
tion may be the best succession solu-
tion for many practitioners.
Stephen Weinstein, CPA of Branford is a nationally
known advisor to CPA and other professional firms. He
specializes in succession matters (including buy-in and
buy-out/retirement issues), enhancement of firm profit-
ability, strategic planning and retreats, and is a mergers/
acquisitions consultant and matchmaker. He can be reached
The acquired firm's staff should
always receive the same (or better)
salaries and fringe benefits.
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