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What do I get for my dues?
Members benefit from opportunities to network with fellow
CPAs and other professional affiliates (including the IRS and
DRS), advocacy at the state capitol, the publication you're
reading right now, discounts on CPE, complimentary pro-
gramming, career guidance, and more!
If you don't pay your dues by July 1, you'll miss out on lots
of member benefits including the CPE member discount (up
to $100 per course!).
We'll also be unable to award CPE credit for complimentary
members-only programs such as CONNection and Friday
Focus meetings.
How can I pay my dues?
The quickest and easiest way to pay your dues is online at You'll be done in minutes, save the
cost of a stamp, and receive an instant payment confirma-
tion via email.
As an added convenience, when you log in to pay your dues,
you'll be asked to view and update (if necessary) some basic
contact information. It'll take 10 seconds to do, and all of your
information will be up-to-date in our database.
You can also send your dues directly to the CSCPA office
at 716 Brook Street, Suite 100, Rocky Hill, CT 06067-3433.
Can I pay dues for everyone at my firm at once?
Yes, you can!
When you log into the website at,
and click "I want to renew my membership," you'll see two
options: "I want to renew membership for myself" and
"I want to renew membership for multiple people."
If you select "I want to renew membership for multiple
people," you can just check off the names of the employ-
ees at your firm or company whose memberships you
wish to renew and pay the total amount with your credit
card. You'll receive an instant confirmation.
You can also mail one check for the firm; just be sure you
include all of the individual invoices.
When is payment due?
Membership dues are payable upon receipt.
I received my dues notice and the billing class
listed is incorrect or will be changing this year.
Can I change it myself and pay the new amount?
Your billing class is based upon your status as of March
31, 2011. If your circumstances changed after that date, it
will be reflected in next year's dues invoice. If your circum-
stances changed prior to March 31, please contact Liz at
You can update your employment status online at any time
at Keeping your information
up-to-date helps keep your billing status correct and your
member benefits as relevant and helpful as possible.
At this time, I no longer wish to remain a
member. Can I just ignore the statement?
We'd love to talk with you first and see if we can help you
discover more value in your membership. Please call Liz at
If you don't want to be a member anymore, you do need to
mail or email (to a letter of resignation to
the Society. The resignation must be received no later than
August 18, 2011.
Multiple Billing Fee to be
Assessed Beginning July 1
Due to the high costs associated with multiple print-
ing and mailing, payments postmarked on or after
July 1 will be subject to a multiple billing fee in the
amount of $10.
Payments received after August 1 will be subject to
a multiple billing fee of $20.
our 2011-2012 Connecticut Society of CPAs annual membership renewal invoice will be sent via
email and mail at the beginning of May.
Here are some FAQs about the dues process. If you have any other questions, please contact
Membership and Dues Associate Liz Frazza at 860-258-0220 or
Annual Membership Renewal FAQs