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To help facilitate the succession plan-
ning process for the members, the
CSCPA has begun a multi-faceted ini-
tiative to meet the members' succession
planning needs. In addition to CPE ses-
sions regarding multiple aspects of suc-
cession planning, the society is devel-
oping a succession-planning website
known as
The goal is to make the CSCPA your
source for succession planning infor-
mation and resources. However, in
order to do so, the society needs more
information about the needs and con-
cerns of the members. Please see the
sidebar at left to see how you can help.
Marie G. Kulesza,
MSPA, CPA is an
assistant professor
of business
administration at
Saint Joseph
College and has
more than 15 years of experience in
public accounting. Kulesza holds a
B.S. in accounting from Central
Connecticut State University and an
M.S. in public accounting from the
University of Hartford. She is a
member of the CSCPA Student
Outreach and Career Awareness
Committee, AICPA, and ASWA. She
can be reached at
Pamela Q. Weaver,
DBA, CPA special-
izes in tax and
business consulting
services. She is also
on the faculty of the
University of
Hartford's Barney School of Business.
She is the former chair of the CSCPA
Federal Income Tax Committee and
a member of the Advisory Council.
She holds a Doctor of Business
Administration focusing on optimizing
business performance and leadership.
She can be reached at
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American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). (2010). 2010 PCPS/TSCPA National MAP Survey.
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