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Recruiting new staff?
Make sure your firm appears in
The Accounting Major's Guide to Connecticut CPA Firms!
The Accounting Major's Guide to Connecticut CPA Firms
is a collection of firm resumes and a wealth of practical
"how-to" information for those about to launch their professional careers.
Who uses the guide?
College students and career services offices
College accounting departments
Recent graduates
Individuals looking for opportunities in public accounting
Each CSCPA Student Pledge receives a personal copy
Each firm resume includes:
Firm contact information
Firm statistics (location, size, demographics)
Client services
Industry specializations
What you're looking for in a new hire
What makes your firm unique
Visit to reserve your firm's space today!
Questions? Contact CSCPA Student Relations Specialist Jill Brightman at or 860-258-0239.
Pricing and deadlines
Firm resume pages are $265.00 ($250.00 plus CT sales tax)
If your firm has more than one office, you also have the option of placing a resume page for
each location. Each additional page will cost $132.50 ($125.00 plus CT sales tax).
Resume pages must be received by July 1, 2011.