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November 1, 2011 Rocky Hill Express Code: TABLET
Outlook, Word, Excel, and Adobe Tips, Tricks, and Techniques
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Early Bird fee good through 10/17/2011.
Test drive an iPad
while you earn CPE!
That's right in this class you will actually use an iPad pre-loaded
with course materials! Get your hands on the world's most popu-
lar tablet and discover innovation at your fingertips. Tap to take
notes, and we'll email them to you.* Space is limited, so sign up
*Bummer, you don't get to keep the iPad.
Register online at Use express code: TABLET
Murat Akcay
29 S. Main St., West Hartford
Dean T. Carson II
Dean T. Carson II, CPA
11140 113th St., Queens, NY
Ryan T. Deming
Saslow, Lufkin & Buggy, LLP
10 Tower Ln., Avon
Mindyleigh Dols
Kostin, Ruffkess & Company, LLC
76 Batterson Park Rd., Farmington
Janice Gavitt
71 North Lake Shore Dr., Brookfield
Cheryl A. Holtham Havel
Cheryl Holtham Havel, CPA
14 Briarwood Rd., Barkhamsted
Rajesh C. Jaged
55 Waterbury Ave., Stamford
Tomasz Komar
Deloitte & Touche
185 Asylum St., Hartford
Caitlin Powers
Whittlesey & Hadley, P.C.
147 Charter Oak Ave., Hartford
Annan Yakubu
905 Burnside Ave. #C9, East Hartford
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Joseph M. Martorelli,
member since February 26, 1987,
passed away February 19, 2011.
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