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What was your proudest moment with your
accounting society this past year?
Within the past year, the accounting society has success-
fully gained campus recognition at the University of New
Haven. The accounting society stood for years without
campus recognition and this year, with the hard work of the
executive board and all of the members, we were able to
draft a society constitution and compile all requirements
requested by the student government. Membership has
also increased by 40 percent. I'm very proud of the hard
work everyone has put into the accounting society in start-
ing a solid foundation.
Did you have any favorite speakers this year?
It would have to be a tie between David Grindle from
Konowitz, Kahn & Co., P.C. and Mary Anne Couburn
from the IRS. Both Grindle and Couburn were dynamic
speakers who kept everyone engaged and shared many
interesting stories. It was a pleasure to have them both
present to the accounting society, and we look forward to
seeing them again for future presentations.
What's one thing CSCPA members would be
surprised to know about life as a college student?
Nowadays, there is such a huge demand for working col-
lege students. Working, getting good grades, and manag-
ing a balance between family and friends are the main
obstacles my generation faces. I am, however, confident
that with our persistence and hard work, we will achieve
our goals and succeed.
University of New Haven
Eileen Kirsten Castaņeda
Anticipated Graduation Year: 2012
Role in Your Accounting Society: President
Number of Members in Your Accounting Society: 32
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A recent meeting of the University of New Haven Accounting Society.