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What was your proudest moment with your
accounting society this past year?
The proudest moment for the accounting society would be
the planning and hosting of the accounting career fair. The
Eastern Career Services office no longer plans career fairs
for students. With the help of our advisor, we took it upon
ourselves to create a successful networking event, which
was beneficial to both students and the employers who
attended. With companies such as ESPN and United
Technologies in attendance, we were able to prove that a
little networking goes a long way!
Did you have any favorite speakers this year?
John Cantillon, the vice president of finance at Pratt &
Whitney, was a crowd favorite. Cantillon was not only
informative and personable, but also stayed longer than the
hour-long meeting time to ensure that all questions and
comments were addressed. He also handed out a fun USB
drive to each student that contained a short presentation of
the latest and greatest Pratt & Whitney projects.
How has the CSCPA helped you this year?
The CSCPA initiated a winter coat drive; the entire ECSU
community and accounting society members gave dona-
tions. This was a low-key event but showed how we all
came together to achieve a common goal. Thank you for
initiating this!
What are your plans for next year?
The Accounting Society's plan for next year is to continue
to challenge students to think outside the box, network,
network, and network some more and have a little bit of
fun in between! With the accounting society banquet,
accounting career fair, and a few community service
events, we are certain that these goals will be met.
Is there anything else you'd like to share with
CSCPA members?
Some of us have no idea what we want to do with our
degrees. Please don't hesitate to tell a college student or
recent graduate what exactly your career path has entailed
and any future plans you may have for yourself. We need
some guidance!
Eastern Connecticut State University
Megan Gross
Anticipated Graduation Year: 2011
Role in Your Accounting Society: President
Number of Members in Your Accounting Society: 20
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A recent meeting of the ECSU Accounting Society.
ECSU Accounting Society members at the Accounting Career Fair.