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Rep Reports
What was your proudest moment with your
accounting society this past year?
My proudest moment would probably be helping to organ-
ize IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program (VITA)
training sessions at our school as well as participating in
the program. We recruited around 50 volunteers. It feels
good to give back and to have the opportunity to help peo-
ple who really appreciate it.
Did you have any favorite speakers this year?
[CSCPA President-elect] Greg Lainas was definitely one
of the more memorable speakers we've had this past year.
He really emphasized the fact that no matter what you
want to achieve in life, you have to go after it. It's not going
to come to you.
Did your accounting society do any community
service this year?
In addition to the VITA program, we participated in the
CSCPA winter coat drive.
How has the CSCPA helped you this year?
The CSCPA has helped out tremendously this year. We
were awarded with a donation [from the Educational Trust
Fund] that really helped our society.
What are your plans for next year?
My plans for next year are to continue my search for a job
that I can enjoy and be happy in. I am also considering
going for my CPA.
What's one thing CSCPA members would be
surprised to know about life as a college student?
I think one thing that is never stressed enough is the work-
load. These past few years have been extremely stressful
and busy; it's been hard to juggle work, family, school, and
a naturally hectic personal life. In the end it all pays off,
though, and I believe it's taught me so much. The most
important lesson I've learned while being in college is your
happiness comes first because without it, you'll never
amount to anything.
Central Connecticut State University
Jacob Marco
Anticipated Graduation Year: 2011
Role in Your Accounting Society: President
Number of Members in Your Accounting Society: 80-100
Each year, CSCPA engages Campus Representatives
("Campus Reps") at Connecticut colleges and universities
to act as a CSCPA liaison at their respective campuses.
These students get the word out about the CSCPA Student
Pledge program and the CPA profession, arrange for speak-
ing engagements for CSCPA volunteers and staff, and hold
CSCPA-sponsored charity drives at their schools.
The following reports offer CSCPA members a quick
glimpse of student accounting activity highlights from cam-
puses across the state.