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As I write this, the first calendar quarter is drawing to a close.
By the time this message is read by the membership, spring
will be delivering on its annual promise of rebirth and renewal.
The first quarter of the calendar year is the most demanding for
the majority of CPAs. Client or employer responsibilities tend
to be at their maximum levels during these three months.
At the CSCPA, our contact with you, the member, is at a mini-
mal level during these months. We use this time to prepare for
your return. This year we are especially excited about spring's
arrival, and not just because the winter was so difficult! We
have been preparing a number of new member benefits and
initiatives that will be unveiled in the coming weeks and months.
Here's a preview of what's ahead:
New England Advocacy Collaborative
Together with the five other New England state CPA societies, the CSCPA will be providing periodic
legislative updates from throughout New England. We are all affected by what's happening legislative-
ly throughout the area, as business does not stop at the state border. The six societies believe this will
be a useful service for all our members. The first posting will be emailed to the membership right after
the conclusion of the tax filing deadline. We eagerly await your reaction to this new member benefit.
In recognition of the huge issue that succession planning is becoming for our profession, the CSCPA
has been developing a totally dedicated website to facilitate firms connecting privately with one anoth-
er to explore possible affiliations. This website will enable potential sellers to communicate with buyers
in a comfortable, non-threatening manner. We plan to launch this site in late May.
See the succession planning survey information on page 6 to learn how five minutes of your time can
shape the society's future succession planning endeavors.
CPA Firm Managing Advisory Partners Forum
In order to ensure that the CSCPA has an appropriate awareness of what's important to the leaders of
Connecticut's larger local and regional CPA firms, we are establishing a mechanism to periodically
"take their pulse" on issues and activities relevant to their organizations. In so doing, we intend to main-
tain and strengthen our value to this key component of our membership.
We are truly excited about these new initiatives and our ongoing programs and services as well. A lot
of positive things are happening this spring and we here at the CSCPA look forward to helping the
membership renew itself after a long, challenging winter.
Arthur J. Renner, CPA
CSCPA Executive Director
P.S. If you haven't registered for the May 23, 2011 Essential Event, there's still time.
You don't want to miss it! Turn to page 10 for details.