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CSCPA Congratulates Governor on
Steps Taken Toward Budgeting Transparency
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Throughout 2010 and certainly in 2011, the paramount
advocacy of the CSCPA has been bringing fiscal stability
and reality to Connecticut. This was communicated to
Governor Dannel Malloy shortly after his election.
On an overall basis, the CSCPA is encouraged by Gov.
Malloy's budget proposal and its effort to bring fiscal trans-
parency to the state's budget. The CSCPA conveyed its
support to Gov. Malloy via a statement dated March 4, 2011.
Turn to page 14 to read the statement in its entirety.
CSCPA Conveys Concerns Regarding Need for a
Sufficiently Staffed State Board of Accountancy
Gov. Malloy's budget also proposes the consolidation of 23
state agencies. This includes folding the State Board of
Accountancy into the Department of Consumer Protection.
Recognizing one overarching concern about Connecticut's
financial health, the CSCPA also recognizes that appropri-
ate and effective regulation of the accounting profession
depends on having a regulatory body with a functioning
staff, knowledgeable about the profession itself. The
CSCPA conveyed its concerns to the operative legislative
body considering this matter in a statement dated February
23, 2011, and is staying engaged in this regard.
Turn to page 15 to read the statement in its entirety.
CSCPA Issues Statements to Governor and
General Assembly Members