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Advisory Council and Board of Directors members met up
to discuss our mission cornerstones of advocacy, commu-
nity, and education and how they fit into the Society's future
at the January Advisory Council meeting.
The meeting was attended by current Advisory Council and
Board of Directors members as well as incoming 2017-2018
members, who will be installed in June.
Special thanks to retiring Advisory Council Chair
Mary Wisenski (pictured at left with CTCPA Executive
Director Bonnie Stewart). Mary served as chair and
sat on the Board of Directors as the Advisory Council
representative for two years. She'll continue on as an
Advisory Council member-at-large for the coming year.
CTCPA President Bob Boudreau gives an update on the
Society's relationship with the State Board of Accoun-
tancy in its new home in the Connecticut Department of
Consumer Protection (DCP). Do you have a question for
the DCP? Find their contact information on page 24.
Advisory Council Weighs in on Advocacy, Community, Education
CTCPA Past President and Nominating Committee Chair
Noelle Taddei (standing) delivered the Nominating Com-
mittee Report. Thanks to this year's Nominating Commit-
tee members Manik Advani, Mark Caplan, Paul Glotzer,
Virginia Hilton, Michael Jordan, and Matt Piechota. View
the coming activity year's slate of nominees and appointees
on the following pages.
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