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What a whirlwind it's been since new Executive Director Bonnie Stewart took
over the reins in January.
Bonnie has been from Florida to Massachusetts and crisscrossed Connecticut
meeting with members, firm and company leaders, American Institute of CPAs
(AICPA) leadership, and her executive director peers from state CPA societies
around the country. Bonnie tells me that the CPA Society Executives Associa-
tion (CPA/SEA) has officially matched her with Pennsylvania Institute of CPAs
Executive Director Michael Colgan to serve as her peer mentor, helping point
her in the right direction when it comes to executive-level questions.
Back here at the CTCPA office, we've gotten Bonnie through the basics help-
ing her find the kitchen and a place to stash her tea collection, and introducing
her to our monthly birthday cupcake celebration. Next on the list is finding a
bookshelf to store the law books currently stacked up on her windowsill.
Armed with a pile of flip charts and a 12-piece set of Mr. Sketch scented
markers, Bonnie has led us through several brainstorming and planning meet-
ings as we prepare to work with the membership on a deep dive into a new
strategic plan.
As many of you know, Bonnie
most recently worked as a lob-
byist for the Connecticut Busi-
ness and Industry Association
(CBIA). As such, one of her first
initiatives is to ramp up our ef-
forts to keep the membership
apprised of developments at
the Capitol. You can read state,
federal, and State Board of Ac-
countancy news relevant to you,
your company, and your clients
in our new Capitol Corner email
updates and on our website at
If you haven't met Bonnie yet, rest assured she's eager to meet you as she con-
tinues to tour the state and attend all the CTCPA meetings and events she can.
You can follow some of her travels and read her top news picks on her Twitter
feed @CTCPABonnie.
And if you're stopping by Twitter, please give me a follow @KirstenPiechota
to get some behind-the-scenes look at society events and programs (not to
mention my new favorite recipe, frozen hot chocolate). And, of course, don't
forget the official CTCPA twitter account @ConnecticutCPAs.
See you next issue,
March/April 2017
Vol. 58, Issue 2
Kirsten Piechota, Managing Editor
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(from left) Connecticut CPA Managing Editor and CTCPA
Communications Manager Kirsten Piechota, Executive
Director Bonnie Stewart, and Public Affairs Director
Mark Zampino hit the Capitol to hear Connecticut Office
of Policy and Management Secretary Benjamin Barnes
present details of Governor Malloy's budget proposal.