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Connecticut CPA
March/April 2017
Larissa G. Altamirano
Stefanie B. Apatow
Marcum LLP
Alexander M. Beck
CohnReznick LLP
Carmen M. Bligh
Grant Thornton LLP
Christopher Bradford
Grant Thornton LLP
Lindsey T. Brudvig
L. K. Burke Jr.
Whittlesey & Hadley, P.C.
Cynthia R. Calderon
CohnReznick LLP
Kevin Chubert
Guilmartin, DiPiro & Sokolowski, LLC
Jeremy Claflin
Grant Thornton LLP
Jennifer L. Collins
Cohen, Kaufman & Associates LLC, CPAs
Kelly Czapek
CohnReznick LLP
Robert F. Garlick
CohnReznick LLP
Courtney L. Gilrein
William Graeb
John D. Holschlag
Grant Thornton LLP
Sam J. Kislin
Grant Thornton LLP
Sarah R. Levis
CohnReznick LLP
Kirby R. Maier
William P. McCarthy
Michael T. Misarko
Howard L. Page & Co. LLC
Charmaine M. Mullings
CohnReznick LLP
Christine Murillo
Marcum LLP
Jeff M. Musante
Mahoney Sabol & Company, LLP
Brad M. Oatley
Goldblatt Bokoff LLC
John Oppenheimer
Grant Thornton LLP
Joseph C. Rahtelli II
Lone Pine Capital LLC
Joseph Spinoso
Budwitz & Meyerjack, P.C.
David Stoffel
Grant Thornton LLP
Jenna M. Allegretto, CPA
Marcum LLP
Theresa R. Boains, CPA
Sheila S. Moses, CPA, P.C.
Jay Civittolo, CPA
CohnReznick LLP
Stephanie E. Cole, CPA
Shein, Cohen, Palmer & Co., LLC, CPAs
Catherine W. Curtis, CPA
Amanda M. Detki, CPA
Materion Corporation
Matthew Gruchevsky, CPA
Richard Paukner & Associates LLC
Michael N. Infante, CPA
Gareth Lea, CPA
Stone Turn Group
Stephanie L. Lebel, CPA
Diversified Financial Solutions, PC
Deborah L. LeMien, CPA
Tracy E. Fillow, CPA
Leisa Leo, CPA
Greg Misiorek, CPA
Devin Murphy, CPA
Tina L. O'Connor, CPA
Tina O'Connor
Michelle N. Spiteri, CPA
Maletta & Company
August E. Zeidler
CohnReznick LLP
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