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Connecticut CPA
March/April 2017
first giving the taxpayer pre-levy CDP
notice. The purpose behind the
amendment was to prevent employers
from "pyramiding" which is when an
employer continues to incur new pay-
roll tax debts fraudulently while they
await their hearing with an appeals
officer. Taxpayers who fall within this
exception may have their assets lev-
ied without the general wait period and
warning afforded to others.
The federal government levies payroll
taxes on wages and self-employment
income. Payroll taxes are a significant
part of the federal budget, comprising
33.9 percent (approximately $1.07 tril-
lion) of all federal revenues in 2014.

The two main federal payroll taxes
levied on wages are known as Fed-
eral Insurance Contribution Act (FICA)
taxes: the Social Security tax and the
Medicare tax. A third prominent pay-
roll tax is the Federal Unemployment
Tax Act (FUTA) tax. Employers are re-
sponsible for withholding the appro-
priate amount of tax dollars from their
employees' paychecks, paying the
employer's share of payroll taxes, de-
positing the amounts with the federal
government on either a semi-weekly or
monthly basis,
and filing payroll tax
The aforementioned collec-
tions process will apply to the taxpayer
who fails to comply with the various
requirements of the IRS's employment
tax regime for the first time, but a tax-
payer repeatedly facing employment
tax liabilities would be well advised to
become familiar with the statutory ex-
ceptions to CDP requirements.
For purposes of the DETL exception,
IRC 6330(h) defines it as a levy to
collect the employment tax liability
of a taxpayer (or predecessor) who
requested a CDP hearing for unpaid
employment taxes in the two-year
period prior to the beginning of the
taxable period for which the levy
is served.
Accordingly, the three
components of a DETL are: (1) a levy
served to collect employment taxes;
(2) a taxpayer (or its predecessor) who
has previously requested a CDP levy
hearing relating to employment taxes;
and (3) the prior CDP hearing included
unpaid employment taxes that arose
within the two-year period prior to the
beginning of the period for which the
levy is served.
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IRM Background, Pre-Levy Actions, Restrictions
on Levy & Post-Levy Actions,
Of particular concern to
accountants and attorneys,
particularly those representing
business owners, is the
exception to the pre-levy
notice requirement for
disqualified employment
tax levies (DETL).
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