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racey Golden, a member of
the American Institute of CPAs
(AICPA) Board of Directors and a
CTCPA member, visited the January
CTCPA Advisory Council meeting to
discuss the AICPA's joint venture with
the Chartered Institute of Management
Accountants (CIMA).
The AICPA entered into the joint ven-
ture with CIMA the world's leading
and largest management accounting
professional body in 2011 to better
serve the 50 percent of most CPA so-
ciety and AICPA members who work
in business and industry. Their efforts,
which included the creation of the
Chartered Global Management Ac-
counting (CGMA) designation, have
been highly successful. Today, there
are more than 150,000 CGMA designa-
tion holders worldwide, including more
than 50,000 CPA CGMAs in the U.S.
Now, the AICPA and CIMA are begin-
ning conversations with their respec-
tive members about a proposal to
integrate their operations, strategy,
and management through a newly
formed association.
The new association aims to maximize
efficiencies and provide a broader
platform for further enhancing advoca-
cy, promoting public and management
accounting on campuses and with em-
ployers, and developing new research
and educational offerings.
With the proposal, "we strengthen
and extend the influence of a CPA-led
accounting profession in the United
States," Golden told the members in
attendance. "We make ourselves in-
dispensable, and that's really what it's
all about."
The AICPA would continue to serve
members; promote, protect, and grow
the CPA; and provide and build on ex-
isting resources, education opportuni-
ties, and benefits.
The CTCPA Board of Directors ap-
proved a resolution supporting the
proposal at its January meeting. The
AICPA's governing Council will as-
sess member feedback and consider
authorizing a member ballot in the
spring. Moving forward would require
a vote by members, with a majority
of those voting supporting the
proposal. CIMA has a similar timeline
and requirements.
Board, Advisory Council Discuss AICPA Joint Venture with CIMA
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