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A New Chapter for the CTCPA Annual Meeting
You're busy. Your time is your currency.
With those guiding factors in mind, the CTCPA Board of Directors took a sharp
look at "The Essential Event: The CTCPA Annual Meeting" program held for
the past several years at the Aqua Turf Club in Plantsville. While it was a qual-
ity event, attendance did demand a full-day investment of time a lot to ask in
today's business environment.
So this year we're bringing you something new a morning program that will
leave you feeling inspired, connected to your profession, well-fed, and ready to
head out for the rest of your day by about 10:15 a.m.
And if you have a bit more time to spend with us, the CTCPA Advisory Council
is inviting Annual Meeting attendees to stick around for an open interactive
meeting where you can see this group of 30 leaders in action. (See the incom-
ing Advisory Council members on page 8 of this issue.)
We're also strengthening our sense of community by bringing the Annual Meet-
ing in-house to the CTCPA Education Center. If you haven't been to our pro-
fessional meeting center in Rocky Hill, this is a great opportunity to visit your
organized profession's home.
Getting together at our "home court" also sets the stage perfectly for keynote
speaker Paul Assaiante, who will share some of the inspiring messages he
used to motivate the Trinity College men's squash team to a record-breaking
252 consecutive wins.
Assaiante's speaking engagements have brought him from board rooms to Gil-
lette Stadium, where he spoke to the New England Patriots and coach (and
friend!) Bill Belichick, whom he met when Belichick's son Brian played lacrosse
at Trinity College.
In fact, a recent Hartford Courant article gave a peek at a text message ex-
change between Assaiante and Belichick just after the Patriots lost the AFC title
game to Denver earlier this year. "Just remember, Coach: Knocked down nine
times, get up 10 times," Assaiante advised.
Because of the intimate nature of this program, seating is very limited. If you'd
like to join us, please be sure to reserve your space today. This event is sure to
sell out.
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March/April 2016
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