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Diversity Scholarship
Accounting Department and Group Grants
Trustees presented grants to accounting departments, clubs, and/or
Beta Alpha Psi chapters of 13 Connecticut colleges and universities.
Morgan Wallace
Central Connecticut
State University
Candidate's Award
Frago Community Service Award
Kelly Labanara
Eastern Connecticut
State University
Nicola Winogradoff
University of
This $3,000 scholar-
ship assists students
in meeting the educa-
tional requirements to
obtain CPA certifica-
tion in Connecticut.
This annual award is
presented in honor of
Frank C. Frago, who
served as both CTCPA
president and Educa-
tional Trust Fund chair,
to encourage and
recognize undergradu-
ate accounting majors
who have shown a
commitment to com-
munity service.
Thank you to the
Educational Trust
Fund trustees for
your service!
Patricia M. Poli (Chair)
Michael F. Ganino
David W. Gibbs
Katherine M. McNair
Matthew R. Piechota
John J. Turgeon
This scholarship is in-
tended to increase and
encourage diversity in
the accounting profes-
sion, and to recognize
high-achieving college
junior or senior minor-
ity accounting students
historically underrepre-
sented in the account-
ing profession.
CTCPA Educational Trust Fund Trustee Katherine McNair (right) presents grants to the
Central Connecticut State University Accounting Department and Accounting Society.
CTCPA's inaugural Recognition Reception, an evening cele-
brating the path to the profession, was held on January 28 at
the Aqua Turf Club in Plantsville.
Trustees of the CTCPA Educational Trust Fund presented nu-
merous scholarships and grants to local accounting students
and educators.
Connecticut State Board of Accountancy representatives also
presented Connecticut's newest CPAs with their CPA certifi-
cates (see page 20 for more.)
Children of CTCPA Members Scholarships
This $500 award is designed to assist children of CTCPA members who are enrolled in accredited accounting programs.
Stefanie Clavette
Western Connecticut State University
Daughter of member Alan Clavette
Amy Gioco
Marist College
Daughter of member Mario Gioco
Christopher Polson
University of Connecticut
Son of member Melinda Polson