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Connecticut CPA
March/April 2016
Maksymiw Jr.
(Class of 2010)
Manager ­
Filomeno &
(West Hartford)
This changed what my overall career
goal was. Up to that point, I was just lis-
tening and being led around my career
... After going to the Leadership Acad-
emy and thinking about what I really
wanted to do with my career, I went, oh,
that's what I want to do and now there's
actually a path to go do it. It changed my
whole career trajectory ...
I want to be a part of a firm that is help-
ing to lead this change that is going on
in the profession, and that's doing all
the little things to get there.
(Class of 2014)
Manager ­ PKF
O'Connor Davies
It's the overall experience of being with
other like-minded people. I feel more
confident. I've been working with a
Leadership Academy coach on speak-
ing more in groups and with people I
don't know, and I think I've grown a lot in
that area. The Leadership Academy re-
ally pushed me out of my comfort zone.
It also made me focus on the strengths
of my team members. I've been getting
feedback from them to figure out what
is going to make them succeed. I think
making sure the people below you suc-
ceed is a sign of a good leader.
(Class of 2015)
Financial Report-
ing and Technical
Accountant ­
UTC (Farmington)
The biggest thing I got out of the Lead-
ership Academy was an understand-
ing of what leadership really is. It's not
about being the smartest person in the
room. Sometimes I stumble over my
words and sometimes I embarrass my-
self. But you know what? I will be the
first person to promote somebody else
to set a goal and get them there. So I
hope that someday I do inspire young
people to go down the path of account-
ing and be all that they can be. I know
that sounds very cliché, but that's really
my goal. I want to be a leader, and I will
do that by inspiring.
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