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University of Bridgeport
Thank you to all of our participants!
Beers, Hamerman,
Cohen & Burger
Crowe Horwath
Edward Lemkin, CPA
Filomeno & Company
Fiondella, Milone &
Gary Wolff
Harper & Whitfield
Lenkowski, Lonergan & Co.
Merced Pediatrics &
Adolescent Medicine
Nancy Bartosik Masloski
Nicola Yester & Co.
Quinnipiac University
Robert A. Vance, CPA
Sheila Rivenburg
Marc S. Pelletier, CPAs
Southern Connecticut
State University
The Bilco Company
University of Bridgeport
University of Hartford
University of Saint Joseph
Whittlesey & Hadley
Filomeno & Company
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next charity drive!
To get on the distribution list to receive participation information and posters directly
when they are available, contact Alicia Strong at or 860-258-0217.