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Wear Jeans to Support the ETF!
CTCPA Executive Director Art Renner doesn't like it when we wear jeans in the
office. In fact, I'm pretty sure he hates it. So when a couple staffers floated the
idea of a "Jeans for the ETF" program where staff could wear jeans to the office
on Fridays in exchange for making a donation to the CTCPA Educational Trust
Fund (ETF), I was pretty sure he wouldn't go for it.
As you can see from the photo above, Art ultimately approved the program. He
decided that this simple way to raise some extra money to support the future of
the CPA profession was worth it.
The ETF supports tomorrow's CPAs today by providing financial support
directly to students, accounting departments, and accounting clubs at Con-
necticut colleges and universities recognized by the Connecticut State Board
of Accountancy. Donations help attract new talent as the profession continues
to grow. The ETF is administered by a nine-member board of trustees (all of
them CTCPA members).
Set Up a "Jeans for the ETF" Campaign at Your Firm!
1. Choose how often you'd like to participate.
You can choose a single day, a repeating day of the week, monthly, etc.
2. Select a donation amount and a person to collect the money.
We decided to go with $5 per person, which adds up quickly, even in
our small office. Have one person collect the money and mail a check
payable to the Educational Trust Fund to 716 Brook Street, Suite 100,
Rocky Hill, CT 06067.
3. Snap a photo and send it our way!
Email your shot to me at We'll publish your photo
on the pages of Connecticut CPA and also post it on our website and
social media channels.
See you next issue!
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March/April 2014
Vol. 55, Issue 2
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Kirsten Piechota, Managing Editor
CTCPA staffers wear jeans to support the ETF. Pictured (from left) are Finance Associate Meghan
Power, Activities Coordinator Phyllis Roche, Director of Finance and Operations Julie McNeal, Prac-
tice Programs Manager Bonnie Olivieri, Academic and Career Coordinator Alicia Strong, Commu-
nications Manager Kirsten Piechota, Seminar and Facilities Coordinator Doreen Fredette, Member-
ship Coordinator Liz Frazza, and CPE Director Lisa Bugryn.
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