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Connecticut CPA
March/April 2014
Anticipated Graduation: 2014
Beta Alpha Psi Undergraduate President
Why did you choose accounting?
I enjoy math and numbers, so I always
knew I needed to find a major that
involved these two elements. When
I transferred into the Barney School
of Business, my favorite course was
financial accounting with Professor
Susan Machuga, so I decided to
pursue my degree in accounting.
Did you have any favorite speakers
this year?
My favorite speaker this year was
CTCPA Public Affairs Director Mark
Zampino, who spoke on "True
Networking." This presentation was
different from what Beta Alpha Psi
usually hears because it didn't directly
relate to recruiting or what you can
do with a degree in accounting. Mark
took a different approach by talking
more about how students can network
to attain a job in accounting rather
what a job in accounting actually
How has the CTCPA helped you?
The CTCPA has allowed me to
get involved more with Beta Alpha
Psi members and helped me stay
informed about the various events the
CTCPA hosts and takes part in.
of Hartford
Anticipated Graduation: 2015
Accounting Society President
Why did you choose accounting?
During my freshman year of college, I
had no idea what I wanted to do with
my life. In this economy, I needed
to focus on finding a career with a
bright, long-lasting outlook. After
taking some accounting classes
at Eastern, I realized how much I
enjoyed the program. I love the fact
that it is challenging yet interesting, so
I decided that a career in accounting
would be the best choice for me.
What was your proudest moment with
your accounting society this year?
Our 10th annual Accounting Career
Fair was a great success! We had
almost 100 students in attendance
who were able to network with
representatives from about 10 public
accounting firms and other employers.
How has the CTCPA helped you?
Several students were able to
participate in CTCPA Interview Day.
It was also a pleasure to have CTCPA
Academic and Career Coordinator
Alicia Strong as a representative for
our career fair and again when she
brought the CTCPA New and Young
Professionals Panel to speak.
Eastern Connecticut
State University
Anticipated Graduation: 2015
Accounting Society Secretary
Why did you choose accounting?
Working in accounting makes me feel
like I am solving puzzles. It is fun,
challenging, and rewarding.
What was your proudest moment with
your accounting society this year?
We successfully created a new
accounting society for underclassmen
that has greatly increased the
involvement of the freshman and
sophomore accounting majors.
Did you have any favorite speakers
this year?
Alexandra Majewski, the campus
recruiter for Deloitte, gave the first
presentation of the year at Quinnipiac
University. Her presentation was fun
and clever and really set a positive
tone for the accounting majors for the
semester. It is great to be reminded
that accounting careers can be fun.
Did your accounting society do any
community service this year?
Our accounting majors run and staff
an IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assis-
tance (VITA) site every year. We also
participated in the Beta Alpha Psi
Annual Community Service Day in
California and helped with the CTCPA
High School CPA Careers Conference
at Quinnipiac University.
How has the CTCPA helped you?
The CTCPA provided a panel of
accounting professionals for a
presentation in which accounting
majors asked questions on a variety of
topics. The CTCPA Educational Trust
Fund has also generously donated to
our accounting clubs to enable us to
hold more presentations and events
with speakers so our students can
learn from their experiences.
Quinnipiac University students at the Beta Alpha Psi 2013 National Conference in California.