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Graduation: 2013
Accounting Society Member
Why did you choose accounting?
The accounting industry is constantly
introducing new laws, regulations,
and expectations of CPAs. I like the
challenge this provides, as it requires
you to be on top of your game at all
times. In addition, many of the people
I look up to are accountants. Seeing
their successes motivated me to
pursue a similar career path.
Did you have any favorite speakers
this year?
Our PwC speakers were great. They
answered a lot of questions regarding
the myths and stereotypes of working
in a Big Four firm. They were open to
answering all types of questions and
the students really enjoyed that.
How has the CTCPA helped you?
As a Student member of the CTCPA,
I have found the website helpful for
questions regarding preparation for
the CPA Exam.
Central Connecticut
State University
Anticipated Graduation: 2014
Beta Alpha Psi Treasurer
Why did you choose accounting?
I chose accounting because of the
excellent foundation it provides for
a career in business. Regardless of
where I end up in my career, I feel that
my degree in accounting will open
many doors.
Did Beta Alpha Psi do any community
service this year?
Our chapter held a canned-food drive
to donate to charity.
What was your proudest moment
with Beta Alpha Psi this year?
My proudest moment was seeing our
officers make improvements that I
hope will continue for years to come.
We were able to take concepts we
learned at regional and national Beta
Alpha Psi meetings and apply them to
our chapter.
Did you have any favorite speakers
this year?
Robert Nardone from KPMG in
Stamford was one of the first speakers
to give a technical accounting presen-
tation. This change was refreshing.
Carino IV
Anticipated Graduation: 2014
Accounting Society President
Why did you choose accounting?
I became passionate about accounting
when I learned the role accountants
play as trusted advisers to their
clients. I love small businesses and
want to gain the experience necessary
to help them define and reach their
personal and business goals.
What was your proudest moment with
your accounting society this year?
Our society and faculty hosted a
panel of CTCPA New and Young
Professionals who spoke about
the profession and the CPA Exam.
Students from three community
colleges joined us and I had the honor
of standing on stage to welcome 40
students and emcee the evening. We
owe a special thank you to CTCPA
Academic and Career Coordinator
Alicia Strong and our panelists!
Did you have any favorite speakers
this year?
My favorite speaker was Michael
Frenza of BlumShapiro, who spoke
at our society's annual gathering
about forensic accounting and shared
stories from his own experiences.
Did your accounting society do any
community service this year?
We participated in the CTCPA Book
Drive, collected peanut butter and
jelly and Thanksgiving food items for
a local food bank, and made baby
blankets for a local pregnancy center.
How has the CTCPA helped you?
Being involved with the CTCPA has
helped me see beyond college and
understand the profession I am
entering. I am better prepared, better
connected, and more confident
because of the student engagement
you offer.
Post University Accounting Society members show off some of the 19 baby blankets they made for
a local pregnancy center.