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ecent political debate assumes
the American public is dense;
we can't see through far left or
far right ideological sound bites. It as-
sumes our attention span indeed ex-
pires with each news cycle.
As partisan bickering threatens to stu-
pefy our wits, you may be searching
for a reasoned approach to under-
standing our convoluted fiscal and so-
cial problems. With the federal budget
hovering around $3.8 trillion and the
Connecticut budget at approximately
$20 billion, how do we tease out what
these unfathomable numbers mean to
our present and future?
If your unalterable position is that
tax rates must be lowered or that
the wealthy are ruining America, you
should look elsewhere.
However, if thoughtful analysis of the
root causes of runaway governmental
spending, the long-term generational
effects of our national consumption,
suggestions applicable to a variety
of programs and threats, and actions
to hold ourselves and our elected of-
ficials accountable appeal to you,
read Comeback America: Turning the
Country Around and Restoring Fiscal
David M. Walker.
I imagine you read newspapers
and magazines and listen to news
programs so you may be wonder-
ing what perspectives this book adds
to an already loud chorus. It adds
you, your family, your neighbors, and
all Americans.
Walker wrote Comeback America from
the perspective of goals "we the peo-
ple" can set for ourselves and attain.
Rather than focusing on how "they"
are destroying America, Walker looks
beyond the sound bite grievances to
the systems that grew up over time,
and where interventions in these sys-
tems would benefit America's long-
term fiscal and social well-being.
At about 250 pages, the book is not
long, but it covers a lot of territory. The
sequence is logical, briefly outlining
the how and why of the current fiscal
crisis, moving to the long-term fiscal
plunge set to hit around 2030, and re-
turning to our nation's historical debt
and spending flows.
Five chapters sketch out the problems
associated with our autopilot Social
Security and healthcare costs, struc-
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DavidWalker'sComeback America
By Julie McNeal, CPA, CTCPA Director of Finance and Operations
Comeback America: Turning
the Country Around and
Restoring Fiscal Responsibility
By David M. Walker, CPA