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(from left) CTCPA Board of Directors member Amber Tucker, New and Young
Professionals Cabinet member Heather Young, President-elect Camille Murphy,
Executive Director Art Renner, and Advisory Council member Bob Boudreau.
CTCPA Public Affairs Director Mark Zampino (left) and Advisory Council member
Michael Frenza.
CTCPA Membership Coordinator Liz Frazza (left) and Communications Manager
Kirsten Piechota.
In a major victory for No Labels supporters, No
Budget, No Pay passed as a key part of the debt
ceiling extension bill. No Labels introduced this
proposal as part of its 12 Ways to Make Congress
Work plan two years ago. The premise is that if
Congress can't pass a budget and the spending
bills necessary to fund the government on time,
then members will not be paid.
The Congressional Problem Solvers are a group
of House and Senate members who will meet
regularly to build trust across the aisle. Connecti-
cut Rep.
Jim Himes (D-CT-04) is a member of
this group.
When leaders in Washington debate our budget,
they routinely use different baselines, projections,
and assumptions. Under this proposal, a nonparti-
san leader would deliver an annual televised fiscal
update in person to a joint session of Congress.
Many members of Congress spend only three
full days in Washington, D.C. per week, making it
difficult for them to spend time working together.
This proposal suggests that members of Congress
work on coordinated schedules with three five-day
work weeks a month in D.C. and one week in their
home district.
Connecticut CPA
March/April 2013