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n mid-January, a delegation of 13 CTCPA volunteers and
staff attended No Labels' two-day Meeting to Make Amer-
ica Work in New York City. The national convention drew
some 1,300-1,400 attendees representing all 50 states. The
bipartisan No Labels movement asks that our elected offi-
cials do what they were elected to do: put country over party
and work together to solve our country's problems.
No Labels co-founder
Jonathan Miller (former Kentucky
state treasurer and former deputy chief of staff of the
U.S. Department of Energy) will present a session at the
CTCPA Essential Event in May. In addition to many spe-
cific proposals, the organization has put forth four action
items to help promote political problem solving (see next
page for details).
No Labels' Congressional Problem Solvers
speak at No Labels' Meeting to Make
America Work held recently in New York City.
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Photo courtesy of No Labels